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Our Lawyer

Lloyd Vivera, who is originally from India , is an immigration lawyer practicing Australian and New Zealand immigration law. He moved to New Zealand in 2001. Read more>>


We believe that quality services should go hand-in-hand with reasonable fees. We understand that no one likes surprises especially when it comes to lawyer’s fees. That’s why, unlike most other lawyers who charge on an hourly basis, we offer a fixed flat fee

We charge a very competitive flat fee with no hidden charges. This means that you know how much you will be paying from the very beginning. Before you engage us we will enter into a fee agreement with you that would set out how much you will be paying and the terms of the payment. The agreement would also set out the services we provide.

Payment Options


We offer you the option of paying our invoices by credit card through paypal. You don’t need a paypal account to make the payment through paypal. The advantage of making payment through paypal is that your credit card details cannot be accessed by others.

Transfer to our bank account

You can also make the payment through transfer of money to our bank account in New Zealand. ( It could take a week or more for the money to be transferred)

Western Union

You can transfer the money quickly through western union. Please note that this option is not available to clients in certain countries p>